Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I still miss him-always will.

My Bat
It has almost been a year since my Bat Cat disappeared.It broke my heart that we "lost" him.  He got outside one night and never returned. 
Bat was the sweetest, most gentle of friends.  He was a dapper dresser too, and never missed a day where he didn't wear his tuxedo. He was polished and mannerly and had a soft sweet purr. 
My heart still breaks when I think of this dear "child" of mine. I miss you Bat.


  1. Big hugs..........Lovely cat.

    That is what happened to one of our cats.
    I just hope they found another good home in the meantime.

    We miss all our animals too...........
    Love and hugs

  2. Oh, Shell, I've been there, and I know your heart still aches. I want to think Bat Cat is hanging out at the Rainbow Bridge with Stimpy, just waiting to meet us again someday!

  3. I do too, Shell. I do too. :(

  4. I'm so sorry about Bat Cat being gone. He's really beautiful. We live out in the country and have had most of our cats disappear in the last two years. I keep hoping that someone saw them and thought "what sweet kitties - let's adopt them." The ones who are most vulnerable are staying inside now.

    I sure do enjoy the old pictures that you post.


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