Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Robin

A voice went thro' the emerald land
And "Wake, wake," Robin cried;
A brook burst out in laughter sweet,
And straight the winter sighed.
--Ella Higginson


There is nothing more lovely to me than the changing seasons.
Four distinct lovely seasons--a view of  the entirety of God's lovely gifts. A new season is upon us and my soul rejoices.

Spring is a promise that in spite of the scary things in this world, everything will eventually be okay.

Please keep the people of Japan in your prayers. They are facing very difficult times and we share in their pain, with hopes for the near future to be bright again. The Japanese culture has survived for thousands of years and their resolve, intellect and wisdom--as well as God's grace, will allow them to survive for thousands more.


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   "Mankind's role is to fulfill his heaven-sent purpose through a sincere heart that is in harmony with all creation and loves all things". --Morihei Usehiba

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  1. Your blog is so beautiful and precious and so are you
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