Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Grandparents

This is my paternal great grandfather, father of my father's mother. And that is me on his lap. I was about 3 years old at the time.

My great grandfather's name was Alfred. His parents were from Berlin, Germany and they emigrated to  The Bronx in New York City. My great grandfather was a draftsman.  This photo was taken at his home in Tuckahoe New York. He lived to the ripe old age of 101 years old.

My dad went back for a month long trip to New York last fall and made a tour of all the places he remembered so well when he was a kid. This is a photo of my dad in front of my great grandparent's Tuckahoe, home, where the picture of me and my great grandfather was taken. I remember he had a lovely yard and I liked playing in it.

Here is another photograph of my great grandfather
holding my grandmother, Mimi. He had two daughters, the other being my Aunt Helen...or "Honey" as I called her.

They were actually half sisters as my great grandmother married brother's and her first husband was Alfred's brother Paul who died earlier.

This is my great grandmother, Hattie.  I'm currently researching her on and have had some difficulty finding more about her life.  She died when my grandmother Mimi was just 5 years old and so my grandmother didn't remember much about her. I do know that she was raised by an aunt and uncle in Freehold Township, New Jersey and she appears on the census as "niece of wife" I've been trying to find who her parents were (my great great grandparents) and I'm working on a few leads. I think her mother's maiden name may have been Lisk. What leads me to believe that is because my Grandmother, Mimi's middle name is the maiden name of my great grandfather's mother and her sister Helen's middle name is Lisk, which might mean it was her grandmother's maiden name. When my grandma Mimi was alive, she thought it could be "Lisk" and wrote it on a piece of paper that she sent me with names and dates of her family as she knew it.  I also found her on the census of Gr. Grandpa Alfred's family in The Bronx New York as "daughter in law".  I have a few other photos of her, I will share later.  Dear Gr. Grandma Hattie... I will find your parents!!!

Wish me luck.

The love of a family shelters like a tree--Anon.

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