Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Don't Forget" - New Digital Work and a lucky buy

Christmas colors--but not necessarily Christmas.


Here's the thing. I have a real attraction to Tiffany style lamps. I found one last week at the Antiques mall for a phenomenal price. It has a pretty "bamboo" design on it. BUT on examining it, I found out it had a piece of glass loose and a couple of minor scratches (very minor) on the bronze lamp base. I passed on it.

I thought about it all week..and went back today and hoped it was still there. It I bought it. I cleaned it up and removed years of grime off it. Then I carefully glued the loose piece of glass in it. It now graces the corner of my dining room on a small vintage table.

Sure is pretty! $35.00 for a lamp that originally was $199.00! That brings the count up to 6 stained glass lamps! 5 table lamps and one pole lamp. Yay!!



  1. Oh my goodness that lamp is gorgeous. I can't believe you got it for that price. I have always had a love for stain glass. I took a class years ago and made my own lamp and a few treasures that still hang in my window. It was the most fun I have ever had taking a class. The colored and textured glass we had to choose from was never ending.

    Enjoy your lamp.

  2. First, the lamp is wonderful and I love the vintage girl! AND, I really like your profile pic! Finally catching up and I can see you've been posting a lot, so I need to get on it! Happy New Year!


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