Saturday, December 5, 2009

Digital Artwork - The Christmas Rose

Original digital artwork - The Christmas Rose

I realized yesterday that I hadn't had time to do much of my art lately.  Whereas I prefer making the "real thing" on mat board, a little digital art in Photoshop takes less time and no mess!  So here is my latest creation. You can view my other digital  and creative collage works in my online gallery here.


  1. I love this one...hats can be a piece of art all my themselves. I would have enjoyed living in the victorian times with bustle dresses and big hats. With all that on it would be hard not to feel beautiful.
    Took a look at your gallery and thought is was so wonderful.


  2. Thank you Pearl. I appreciate that. The had didn't have roses on it..I sort of embellished that a bit. I think I'd like the hats..but I don't look very good in them. LOL

  3. This is beautiful too shelley. I have added myself to follow your blog twice lol once for my art work blog and once for my dezinaworld one
    hugs June

  4. These are all so beautiful. I'm a tad envious of your skill with digital! It's terrific!


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