Friday, November 27, 2009

Let it Begin

The day after Thanksgiving is the traditional beginning of the Christmas season, here in the USA. Unfortunately it is also when all the craziness of the commercialism of Christmas begins as well.In fact the commercial aspects have so taken over the true meaning of Christmas that many retailers are referring it to the "holiday" season instead of Christmas and many actually take offense in seeing a nativity scene or Christian symbols that are the traditional symbols of Christmas.  I find this very sad and a little unnerving.  I myself, will not patronize businesses that have taken "Christ" out of this beautiful season of peace and love.

Christmas is the season of giving...but at what price and sacrifice?  How much do we really think we need?

Giving is also giving to the less fortunate. After all, its what Christ did.  He was the perfect example. During this holiday, how about keeping some coins in your pockets to put in the kettle of the bellringers outside the doors of the shop you're entering. 

This Christmas how about more Christ and less commercialism?



  1. Very pretty and a thoughtful post to boot. I tried to save your blog to Google reader so I would not miss when you posted but wasn't able to.

    You are free to visit my newest blog venture at any time...

    I value your friendship.
    Love & Hugs,

  2. I agree keep the CHRIST in Christmas and value the true meaning
    It is much more enjoybable that way
    That is what Paul and I do we do not exchange gifts but sponsor those in need through our church and donate wherever we can.
    it makes us feel good to know this
    Love Jeanne

  3. I couldn't agree more, Shelley. Seeing "Xmas" just makes my body tense. I "pull" my elbows in and clench my teeth. Beautifully stated (and illustrated, I might add, as always!)


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