Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've been a real slacker when it comes to being online lately. I'm so caught up in the seasonal change and we've been in our Pledge Drive.  Hubby was also out of town for a week and that got me behind on things.  So..I've pretty much slowed down all things "online" and decided to keep this to a minimum and keep track of family on Facebook. 

Right now, I'm terribly worried about my old male cat Chip. He's 15 years old and looking rather frail and thin. He eats well, but has had some episodes of throwing up.  Our highly spirited male kitten, Buster, annoys him terribly.  He just seems to be wasting away. Dale said he'd take him to the vet tomorrow and I'm worried about the "verdict". My  heart gets so tied up in my little furry friends, and it worries me so much that he might be ready to leave us. Maybe I worry way too much in general.

I've been doing some fall housecleaning and rearranging furniture.  I like the change.  My house colors are definitely an "Autumn" palate.  I've decided that since Halloween is on a Saturday---to have a family open house.  I like to plan things.



  1. I hope Chip will be feeling better soon. A small kitten appeared in our yard a couple of months ago and he sure has put new life into our other cats. The oldest one, Thomas Jefferson, is about 12 and boxes the kitten's ears occasionally to let him know who's boss. We have 2 other indoor cats that provide it with lots of play. I sure do enjoy your blog.

  2. Aw, my heart goes out to you about your old cat. I've been through that before, and within a short while will be going through it again, I fear. Each time I tell myself I won't get another cat, then a few months go by and I find I miss not having one.

    We had a black cat born the same day I was, and except for a few years, I've had one ever since. Black cats are supposed to be bad luck, and maybe they are, but I wouldn't swap the ones I've had even if the were.

  3. "they" were.

    20-20 hindsight editing is great, huh?

  4. Oh, Shell -- I hope Chip's report isn't anything too critical. Maybe an overindulgence of hairballs? It's hard to see them looking a little troubled. But sometimes there are things that can be done with diet -- certainly if it's kidney stuff. And if he's not uncomfortable, perhaps there will be a good ending and not a goodbye yet. I'll be thinking of you -- keep me posted.


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