Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May 1st - The Sweetest Month

From Chip, our old Maine Coon.
My hubby Dale took this photo of our boy.
I love it.


The Lusty Month of May from Camelot - Vanessa Redgrave


  1. Oh, he's such a pretty boy! love you

  2. Love you
    Your cat is purrfect =^..^=

  3. Oh how beautiful your Chip is, absolutely gorgeous! Cats bring such happiness in our lives, don't they:-) xoxo

  4. Your Chip and our Vincent could be brothers they look so much alike. I think Maine Coons are just the most gentle and so people oriented.
    Happy May :)

  5. Fabulous photo of Chip. What a totally gorgeous animal. Very handsome!

    I love Camelot and that's one of my favorite songs from it. How was the Ren Faire?

  6. He certainly is a handsome fellow, and that's a beautiful photo.
    Camelot is one of my all time favorites. I have the old LP record of the soundtrack. I used to play it a lot way back when. I love this song, and aren't the dresses gorgeous? Vanessa Redgrave was lovely in that movie.
    Thanks for stopping by. Lovely to hear from you.
    Didn't May go fast? I hope June takes a little longer :)


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