Friday, April 10, 2009

Blessed Easter

Prayer in a Garden
--Viney Wilder

I thank Thee, Lord, that I can see
This proof of immortality;
That I can hear in April rain,
The stir of fragile leaves again.

That I can feel the wind that sweeps
Where summer fruit now lightly sleeps
And smell the spring upon my spade
Where warm black earth is freshly laid

I thank Thee, Lord, that here today
Death's ugly stone is rolled away
And now beside the empty tomb
I kneel to touch the first frail bloom.



  1. Hope you and your husband have a wonderful Easter.

    All the best.

  2. I love you
    Happy Easter to you and Dale.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  3. May you and Dale have a blessed and wonderful Easter. You are always in my heart and thoughts.

    Hugs forever, Loretta

  4. Beautiful. Happy Easter (and after), Shelley!


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