Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Month - A New Season Soon To Come!

March is typically very windy in our part of the country. Here is a little poem I wrote about March a few years ago.


March!..not as in soldiers
and not as in Hare
But March!
--the month that blows
All the stuff everywhere!
March! a lion
Can blow up your skirt
And sent your hat
Down into the dirt!
March!...days are longer
And at least its not snowing
But just like my nose
The wind keeps on BLOWING!
March!....a bad hair day
As bad as can get...
Only loved by the folks
Who make Final Net!

--S.D. Stanton
copyright 2009


  1. Happy March, dear Shelley:-) I wish I could say that Spring is right around the corner over here but with the temps being -5F right now and tons of snow, it's kind of hard to conjure it up! lol Love the poem you wrote, you're so talented my friend. xoxo

  2. This is lovely! Happy March to you. That new blog background does look perfect with your stuff!


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