Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remembering Violets

I was looking at this pretty vintage postcard just the other day, and I suddenly could almost smell the scent of my grandmother's violets. They are such a lovely old fashioned flower and a sweet reminder of someone I love.

Grandma had some planted under some flowering trees in her beautiful yard. She had several acres of lovely flowers and trees. She raised mostly iris, but I can recall how sweet the violets were. The contrast of the purple shades against dark green foliage always caught my eye. The flowers spread like a cool fragrant carpet in the spring. I would pick tiny bouquets to put in the cups my toy china tea set.

I must see if I can find a place to plant violets.


Under the green hedges, after the snow,
There do the dear little violets grow;
Hiding their modest and beautiful heads
Under the hawthorn in soft mossy beds.

Sweet as the roses and blue as the sky
Down there do the dear little violets lie;
Hiding their heads where scarce may be seen,
By the leaves you may know where the violet hath been.

--John Moultrie



  1. I love to hear stories about grandparents. I never knew mine because they were in heaven by the time I came along.
    I think that is probably the best thing to have an extension of your mom or dad to give you extra love.

    I can't wait to be able to look out my window and see my lilies.


  2. Love all you share.
    My Mom and Grandma had wild violets growing all over their yard.
    I forever remember that yard and its memories.
    I love all you share.
    Flower Power.
    Flowers are food for our souls.
    Love you

  3. Beautiful graphics and images and I love your new blog background! It's so seasonal!

    Aren't those vintage images wonderful? And connecting them with Grandma is wonderful. Beautiful, my friend!

  4. Beautiful post, Shelly- but all of yours are!

    Violets make me think of my mom and my aunts. (her 6 sisters) One of my aunts used to tell me I had 'beautiful violet eyes!" Hadn't thought of that in decades! :)

    Blogging does that for us, doesn't it... brings back all kinds of memories!! :)

    Thanks, Shelley, for having such a beautiful blog!



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