Thursday, January 29, 2009

New collage art piece - greeting card

Remember this gal? I had fun making this piece of art. I just wish it had photographed better. Its very glittery...but hard to tell in any of the photos I took of it. And the black "blob" on it is some black sealing wax with a French Fleur di Lis impressed in it. I've also used some hemp string, cut outs of swallows and a French advertisement. I've also used some glitter and chalk inks to enhance it.

This art piece is a greeting card and its going to be sent to a special friend!

Here is a pretty vintage lady with a hat for your to enjoy.


  1. Very unique blog.
    Fantastic pictures.

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  2. Fun card for a fun friend, I'm sure. Love the lady with the feather hat.

  3. There is something so charming about vintage themes.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  4. Wow you really seem to have a knack for designing personalized greeting cards! I think the card photographed very well and I can see how much time you spent putting it together.

    Great job! I wish my friends made me cool gifts like this.

  5. She's fabulous! Your work is so darned beautiful -- every one I see I love more than the last!

  6. Blessings
    Thanks for all the lovely things you post
    Love Jeanne


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