Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goals for 2009

(not in order of priority and obtainable)

1. Go more places - weekend trips
2. Submit some art to several magazines
3. Sell some art
4. Write more poetry
5. Collage a book of my past poetry
6. Scrapbook
7. Take more photos
8. Try something new
9. See more of Texas, New Mexico and Colorado
10. Travel to Mexico (Wedding gift from Dad and Ana)
11. Cook more
12. Save more $ for road trips
13. Go see Dale's family in Iowa
14. Garden more, spruce up the yard
15. Entertain more
16. Spend more time with family
17. Let go of the past
18. Embrace the present
19. Look forward to the future
20. Hug Dale more



  1. I love you my darling
    Love to you and Dale.
    Wishing you both a blessed New Year
    with all the blessings from God.
    2009 will be fine.

    Rabbit Rabbit

  2. I really need to make a goals list. They're in my head, but they stand a better chance of actualization when they get written down!


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