Monday, December 8, 2008

Recent Photos

These were all taken last week while we were waiting to watch some deer feeding by the windmill. We weren't disappointed, but it was a little too dark to photograph.


  1. Absolutely exquisite
    My husband loves those windmills
    I love everything you do.
    Perfect just like you.
    I love you

  2. You've been busy! And these are lovely..

    Hanging in there with wedding plans?

  3. Hi Shelley,

    These are very beautiful pictures! You did a great job with them!

    Also- have to comment on your photo of yourself! It's amazing to learn that you look exactly like I imagined! Really! lol- It's uncanny...because- if I remember correctly-I have never seen a picture of you posted here-except that profile showing, mostly, your eyes and in the dark shades; so how would I know? It's just kind of a weird feeling - that you look just like I imagined! haha-

    You're very pretty and NICE looking-lol- but I knew that already!


  4. Beautiful pictures, Shelley. I took some nice photos of some sunsets we had this past week and posted them the other day. Winter here always puts on some great sunsets and sunrises. I sent your X-mas ornament on Monday. I hope you get it soon!

  5. I just saw this, believe it or not. :( Those are fantastic shots! I love 'em!


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