Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vintage Guestbook

I paid a visit to my favorite antiques mall yesterday morning--looking for something and nothing. (just browsing the many thousands wonderful treasures). I found a stack of old books to rummage through and behold! I found a very special book. I have been looking for the perfect wedding guest book and found a vintage (yet unused) wedding guest and scrapbook with illustrations from Frances Brundage. It's just gorgeous and I'm thrilled. I couldn't get it to the cashier fast enough.

Just a few illustrations from inside the book

What I like about it is that its not only a guest book but a scrap book keepsake


Thanks to my little bird for holding the pages open. (and thank you Dale for taking the photos)


  1. I love this book.
    I love you
    A few scattered bits of snow today
    we are expecting some.
    I say when is Spring
    I love you

  2. Dear Shelley,

    I'm so glad you're back. I was worried when you just disappeared, but didn't want to bother anyone with questions!

    :) Anyway- I just want to say I have always enjoyed visiting your blog! :)


  3. Oh, Shell -- I can't believe you found this. Just the perfect thing -- I can see how this would be meaningful in so many ways. An angel was watching over you, making quite sure no one snatched it up before you came along!

    I love your new blog, new look. Fabulous. Welcome back, my friend.

  4. That's quite a beautiful find. love you


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