Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Beginnings - Starting Over

Sometimes I think back on the past with pleasure and sometimes I think back on the more recent past with pain. I have many regrets and I often wish for "do overs", but we all know that we must accept the past and go forward.

I never thought I'd be married three times in my life. But due to circumstances beyond my control--abandonment and death, I find myself about to take the vows of love and commitment one last time. The right one.

There is an old saying "The third time's a charm" and I find this to be true. I have been truly blessed with the love of my perfect soul mate...the one that God chose especially for me. I must admit I never felt that with the first two times down the isle.

This man is different. He makes my heart do things it has never done before--smile, yearn, feel content, giddy and full of anxiousness to get a new life started. Soon. What a nice Christmas gift I'm giving myself this year.

I can't top that one.


  1. For me, the second time is the charm. While our pasts have not been so good, they have shaped us. They have made it possible for us to be so right for each other. We could not have had such a deep understanding and love for each other if we had not been through what we have in our respective lives. I only wish we could have been brought together much sooner in our lives. Soon, our new lives will begin - as one.

    Never again will you be unappreciated.

    Never again will you be alone.

    Never again will you be forsaken.

    Never again will you be without love.

    These things I vow.

  2. I know the third time is the charm. I know you have found what you have waited for all your life. I know you are smiling, because I am, too. Such joy.


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